We do not create standard solutions – we create them together; each customer is unique for us; similarly, each fraudster is unique; we do not offer identical solutions, choose “Check the system” – and we will create a solution for you.


One of our peripheral businesses is provision of audit/inspection services, which are offered via remote solutions (e.g. purchase of goods online, call-centers, post offices) and so we offer “Check the system” – a unique package of inspections that is created upon the customer’s inquiries and that can be applied to both the customer and customer’s partner.


There can be situations when, upon establishing business relations or during cooperation, you cannot be sure that the services you or your partners render match the regulation, business customs, and quality criteria, that they are safe and do not violate current requirements in place towards such businesses.


Use “Check the system”, which employs professional knowledge of our team and unique solutions to help our customers eliminate or confirm any concerns highlighting key vulnerabilities of the system in general and of its individual components.


Upon ordering our proprietary “Check the system” service, we will inspect and evaluate your business websites remotely, check the activities and level of training and responsiveness of call-service and support service operators, methodologies, quality, and speed of order processing and delivery. In addition, we will verify the documents and information that are issued to the buyer and that remain with your customer. We will also issue our recommendations regarding the setup and tuning of the business in general and its individual components.


We and each customer applying for “Check the system” perfectly understand that provisions of quality service impact the level of customer satisfaction and, consequently, profits of our customers even if the sales volume does not change. The end result can be a decrease of quantitative goods returns, number of customer claims and chargebacks (which consumes a lot of the customer’s administrative resources), risk of fraud via different payment tools and, consequently, potential application of sanctions by international payment systems, which might apply not only to acquirer banks, PSPs, and payment aggregators but also the merchants themselves.


Upon the customer’s request, we will test and check “antifraud filters” i.e. the customer’s and its system’s reaction to an artificial large number of non-typical transactions on the side of a specifically chosen client (merchant), as well as the merchant’s reaction to such transactions, which will let you set up your filters and fix any deficiencies and drawbacks of the system thus facilitating your financial stability.


Taking it one step further >> “Check the system” sometimes conceals our testing and presence or, on the contrary, generates extra suspicion – depending on the customer’s wish, objectives of the testing and absence or presence of information on payment tools used by the person undergoing the test and with the help of a variety of payment tools and large quantity thereof.


Choose “Check the system” and protect yourself, get to know the risks and protect yourself from them.